Q. Does Triangle Lending lend on property outside of the United States?

A. No. Triangle Lending only operates in North Caroina.

Q. Does Triangle Lending lend on mobile homes?

A. Yes, Triangle Lending does lend on mobile or manufactured homes.

Q. What is the difference between a modular home and a mobile/manufactured home?

A. Mobile homes (also known as manufactured homes) are defined as a home with a metal chassis and wheels (even if the wheels are removed and the home is placed on a permanent foundation). Triangle Lending does not lend on such homes.

Modular homes are constructed off site without wheels, and shipped to the location in sections for assemblage. This type of home does not have manufactured HUD tags. Triangle Lending does provide financing for modular homes in certain circumstances. Contact your local branch regarding further restrictions.

Q. Why doesn't Triangle Lending advertise rates on its site?

A. Triangle Lending does not post rates because your interest rate will vary depending on your credit history and other variables. There are many things that we take into consideration before we can give you a quote. Please click here for more information or contact your local branch.

Q. Does Triangle Lending lend to resident aliens?

A. Yes, Triangle Lending will lend to borrowers with resident alien status. All resident aliens must prove employment within the United States and provide proof that their income is from a source within the United States. Click here to Request a Loan.

Q. Will Triangle Lending consider borrowers who are currently in foreclosure or bankruptcy?

A. Triangle Lending offers programs for borrowers with open foreclosure, but the bankruptcy or foreclosure activity must be resolved prior to the signing of the loan documents. Click here to Request a Loan.

Q. Will Triangle Lending consider borrowers who have tax liens or judgments?

A. Triangle Lending will consider loans with tax liens or judgments; however, all open judgments and tax liens must be paid with loan proceeds. Contact your local branch.

Q. Does Triangle Lending lend on commercial property, or properties with a mixed use (e.g., residential with an ongoing business interest, farm, ranch, grocery store, auto repair shop, etc.)?

A. Yes, Triangle Lending does lend on commercial or mixed-use properties.

Q. Does Triangle Lending lend on income properties larger than four units?

A. No, however 2-4 units are acceptable.

Q. Does Triangle Lending have a minimum and a maximum loan amount requirement?

A. No, Triangle Lending neither has a minimum nor maximum loan amount.

Q. Is there a minimum down payment required?

A. In certain areas, Triangle Lending offers a zero down payment purchase loan. All you have to pay are the closing fees. Please contact your local branch for more information.

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