Mortgage Myths and Facts


MYTH – It can take as long as two months to close.

FACT – Triangle Lending can qualify you in as little as 24 hours and unlike other mortgage companies we can often fund your loan in two to three weeks.

MYTH – Mortgage loans requires me to complete lots of paperwork.

FACT – Our process is highly automated and a Triangle Lending Group Loan Originator walks you through the entire process.

MYTH – You should only refinance when rates are at their lowest points.

FACT – Even when rates are not at record lows, refinancing can still be a smart choice. Paying off high-interest credit card debts and lowering your monthly payments can make good financial sense.

MYTH – Refinancing always extends the term of the loan.

FACT –┬áRefinancing does not have to lengthen the term of the loan. Triangle Lending offers many terms less than 30 years. Some are as few as 7 years.