How much can I borrow?

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Want to know how big of a loan you can take on? Fill in the boxes below to find out.

Input Information
Annual Interest Rate: %
Term of the Loan: years
Annual Real Estate Taxes: $
Annual Homeowners Insurance: $
Gross Annual Income: $
Monthly Debt Obligations: $



What rate do I use?

Click here to see today’s purchase rate options.

Click here to see today’s cash out refinance rate options.

Click here to see todays VA loan rate options.

Click here to see todays JUMBO Rate Options.

What Term do I use?

Use the term for the rate you chose in step 1, i.e. 15,20,30.

What do i use for Annual Real Estate taxes?

Although annual income tax varies by location, typically 1% of the purchase price is a good guide. 

  • For example, I am using a purchase price of $300,000, which would equate to $3,000 for this section. 
  • If you need help calculating, multiply the intended purchase price by .01 to find the amount. 

What do I use for Annual Home Owners Insurance?

This also varies by location & property, but a good estimate is around $1200.

What figure do I input for annual income?

Here, input your gross annual household income, including both you & your partner’s income. so if you both make for example 60K per year the input would be $120,000.00

What is Monthly Debt Obligations?

For the “Monthly Debt Obligations” only include payments that show on your credit report, i.e. Auto loans, credit cards (minimum monthly payment), installment loans, etc.   For questions please call us at the number below or email

The output-

Our online output is conservative, if you would like a comprehensive review and the most accurate approval amount,  please use our apply now link or call us for a high level discussion – 855-258-LEND (5363). 

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